Prayer for Healing of the Earth

At 3:00 pm (Japanese Time) on January 17, 2018, in the 23rd Memorial Day of the Great Hanshin Earthqauke, we will have the time of ”Prayer for Healing of the Earth. It will be broadcasted live through internet.


Let us come before God and pray for healing for the earth.


【Praise list of January 17 】


1.  H-4   Seinarukana(1) Holy, Alleluai

   H-710 Seinarukana(7) Holy, Alleluai

2.  H-927 Sanguninem Agni(1)(Latin、Japanese)

3.  H-51     Kyrie of Shinsai Jushunen Kyrie Eleison on the Memorial Day of the Great Earthquake

4.  Kari40 101 Prayers 2017(9)-Life-

5.  H-810 Chi wo Iyashitamae Jesus, Heal This Land-

   H-810 Jesus, Heal This Land

6.  H-855 Inochi Arumono -Day of the Great Earthquake-

7.  H-118 Shire Shukoso Kami Know that Lord Is God Psalm 100

8.  H-900 Pater Noster 


Kohitsuji no Mure Christian Church

Ashiya, Japan

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Every Sunday morning from 10 am.

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