Kohitsuji no Mure Retreat 2017 Day Participation

 We believe that the praise offered by 1,000 participants in this retreat will reveal Christ’s healing and salvation to the whole universe. You can still make a day participation! May the will of the Lord be accomplished through the retreat!


Date :

August 23 to 25, 2017

Place :

Kobe Portopia Hotel (Kobe City, Japan)

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  Day Participation


    We need to charge you day participation fee for the rental fee for the hall, audio equipments, and other expenses.

Fee for Day Participation (without meal) is as follows: Please understand that this fee is in yen.

Day Participation on August 24 \5,000 / Adult,  \2,500 / Child age 6-15  free / Child 5 and under

Half-Day Participation on August 23 or 25 \2,500 / Adult,  \1,000 / Child age 6-15  free / Child 5 and under

Visitor  500 per day

 “Visitor Fee” is applied to those who come to Kohitsuji no Mure worship (including the house church gathering) for the first time, or those who have not been baptized yet.