House of Life -Guide to Meditation-

¥100 / $2

"The House of Life -Guide to Meditation-," originally made for those who come to the House of Life, has been found very helpful by many for daily devotion.

The English version is now available. Please use this booklet and enjoy a quiet time before the Lord.


  The House of Life is where each one calms and quiets his soul in the devotion to the Lord. Our conviction is this: 

  The more still we are before the Lord, the more bountifully celestial life is poured not only on each of us but also synchronously on all creation on the earth and under the earth.

  The world is faced with chaotic catastrophe now. We shall be still before the Lord all the more because fears and anxieties are covering the earth.

  For this very purpose, I believe that God has given us the House of Life. This is the house of healing, and indeed the fountainhead where hope and life spring up.

  You may wonder how you can be “still” before the Lord. Although there is no set formula, this booklet would give you some tips.

From the “House of Life -Guide to Meditation-“